High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials

High Quality vs Low Quality

We all want the best quality when it comes to our jewelry right? Who wants to have cheap jewelry that will last about a week and then start to discolour, break or even turn your skin GREEN! That’s right nobody wants that! So when choosing your jewelry here’s a little help on what to look out for! 

Materials - When choosing your high quality jewelry that you intend to have for a long time then you need to ensure to look out for materials that aren’t cheap. When it comes to High Quality Metals you need to look out for the following; Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Silver, Gold. These are the main types that last the longest. In depth these materials can be called S925 Silver, 316L Stainless Steel & 14/18k Gold. All these materials will be sure to last a long time without any discolouring or tarnishing! 

STAY AWAY from Materials such as Alloy, Copper, Zinc or Brass as these will be sure to break easily and turn your skin GREEN!

Always Remember this one key tip; If the price seems to good to be true then it usually is with jewelry! Be sure to save that extra bit to keep your jewelry a lot longer! 

Stay Smart!

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